The Ultimate Guide to the Sony 16-35mm GM Lens



The Ultimate Guide to the Sony 16-35mm GM Lens : Unleash Your Creativity




The Sony 16-35mm GM II lens is a true powerhouse that delivers exceptional performance in various shooting situations. One of its standout features is its fast autofocus (AF) capability, which is unique to the G Master series. This lens enables you to capture sharp and precise images with ease.


The lens design incorporates aspherical elements, resulting in high-resolution images even at its maximum aperture of F2.8 across the entire zoom range. This means you can achieve stunning image quality and clarity, whether you’re shooting wide-angle landscapes or close-up details.


Captivating Bokeh and Close-up Performance

In addition to its exceptional image quality, the Sony 16-35mm GM II lens offers beautiful bokeh capabilities, allowing you to create stunning background blur and emphasize your subject. It also boasts impressive close-up performance, with a minimum focusing distance of 0.22m and a maximum magnification ratio of 0.32x. This means you can capture intricate details and explore the world of macro photography with this versatile lens.


Ghosting and Flare Suppression for Clear Images

Sony understands the challenges photographers face when shooting in challenging lighting conditions. To address this, the 16-35mm GM II lens features Nano AR Coating II, which effectively suppresses ghosting and flares, ensuring you can capture clear and vibrant images even when there’s a strong light source in the frame. This coating technology allows you to maintain the highest level of image quality, no matter the shooting conditions.


Enhanced Design for Optimal Performance

Sony has carefully designed the 16-35mm GM II lens to meet the needs of professional photographers and videographers. With a total length of 111.5mm and a weight of just 547 grams, this lens is approximately 20% lighter than its predecessor, the 16-35mm GM. This makes it a compact and lightweight option for photographers who are constantly on the move.


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The lens is also equipped with features that enhance its usability and performance. It minimizes focus breathing, allowing you to achieve consistent image quality without changes in the angle of view. This is particularly important for videographers who require smooth and seamless transitions in their footage.


Additionally, the lens has been designed to minimize the movement of the center of gravity during zooming, ensuring stability and comfortable shooting when using a gimbal. Sony has also improved the overall handling of the lens by incorporating features such as a clickable aperture ring and two customizable buttons, giving you greater control and flexibility in your shooting experience.


Durability and Reliability

Photography often takes us to various environments and weather conditions, and having equipment that can withstand these challenges is crucial. The Sony 16-35mm GM II lens features a dust and moisture-resistant design, allowing you to confidently use it in outdoor settings without worrying about damage from splashes or dust particles. This robust construction ensures that the lens can withstand the rigors of professional use, making it a reliable companion for any photographic adventure.

Price and Availability

The Sony 16-35mm GM II lens will be available for purchase starting in September, with a retail price of €2,700. This lens offers exceptional performance and versatility, making it a valuable addition to the toolkit of professional and advanced photographers. As a result, the original 16-35mm GM lens will see a price decrease from €2,700 to €2,500, providing photographers with even more options within the G Master lens lineup.


For more detailed information about the Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM II lens, visit the official Sony website.


The Sony 16-35mm GM II lens is a true powerhouse that combines exceptional performance, versatility, and durability. Whether you’re capturing breathtaking landscapes, exploring the world of macro photography, or shooting professional-quality videos, this lens delivers outstanding results. With its fast autofocus, beautiful bokeh capabilities, and close-up performance, the 16-35mm GM II lens empowers photographers and videographers to unleash their creativity and capture stunning visuals. Invest in this lens and elevate your photography and videography to new heights.

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