Meet Walker Mallow, The Urban/Pop Musician From Kumasi



Meet Walker Mallow, A Talented Urban/Pop Musician From Kumasi







Roland Agyemang Gyamfi popularly known as Walker Mallow is a visionary R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop/Rap, Afrobeats, Reggae, artist in Ghana whose soul-stirring melodies and
poetic lyrics have captured the hearts of musicenthusiasts worldwide.


Born on 1st March 2000 with an innate passion for music, Walker’s journey
as an artist began at a tender age. He knew that music would be his lifelong companion.

Hailing from Sokoban – Ahodwo a small town in Kumasi, Walker’s musical prowess quickly garnered attention within his local community.


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His mesmerizing performances at intimate gatherings and local events showcased not only his undeniable talent but also his ability to touch people’s emotions through his music.


He is born to Janet Appiah Gyamfi, his mother and Joseph Agyemang Gyamfi, his father. He is known for songs like Ade Asa, Yaba, and Letter to God, Breathe, Destiny, Taking Shots and Albums like
Nemesis, NEMESIS II.

As he honed his craft, Walker’s creativity
blossomed, leading him to experiment with various genres. His music seamlessly blends elements of folk, indie, and soul, creating a unique and captivating sound that resonates with listeners of all


His soulful voice, accompanied by heartfelt
lyrics, takes listeners on a heartfelt journey through life’s joys and struggles.
Walker had his basic school and junior high school education at Happy Home Academy in Kumasi and obtained his senior high school education at Armed Forces Senior High Technical School, where he
studied Technical Science.


He then continued to Brigham Young University for his diploma, then to
Kumasi Technical University and graduated with an HND in Building Technology.

Mallow started his musical journey as a singer at the age of 16. He was known in Sokoban as a young singer in the neighbourhood.


In 2019 he recorded his first mixtape Next Level and since then he has been consistent with hismusical journey.

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In 2022, in his second year in the university he was awarded as the overall Artiste of the Year of Kumasi Technical University where he amazed people by his songs and performances.

He has worked with series of renowned producers in Kumasi such Waske Da Producer, Azee Ntwene,
Jay Scratch, Sambii TSB, PeeRocky, Maqnitude On Tha Beatz, One Gad and SlimBeatz.



Walker Mallow’s compositions are reflective,thought-provoking, and soul-searching.

He weaves stories of love, loss, resilience, and hope into every song, crafting an emotional bond with his audience.


Beyond his musical talents, Walker is also anadvocate for social and environmental causes.

Hislyrics often carry messages of unity,compassion, and environmental consciousness, seeking to
inspire positive change in the world.

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