Convert Any TV To A Smart TV With This Guide



You might probably thinking of buying a new smart TV which is good news but the question is what happens to your old TV?.


Maybe you would like to sell it on other platforms or a friend. To save cost, there are different ways you can convert your normal TV to a digital TV without getting a new one.



A Smart TV is a TV that connects to the internet, has a USB socket(port) for a hard drive or USB memory stick, plays movies, run apps, streams music from your mobile via Bluetooth, does video calls, plays games, connects to movie services online etc.


Here are some simple guides that can convert any TV to a smart one today



  • Get a media player: Most also plays DVD and BD, make sure you get the right cable for your TV, for video and audio. If you are an apple fan, then Apple TV might be your choice.


  • ChromeCast Dongle can also help you connect your android phone or tablet with smartness. You might need an adaptor if your TV has no HDMI input.

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Tip : It’s not possible to convert your TV physically or by any software to make it a smart TV. You just need an external device that connects your HDMI



Brands like Samsung, Sony and LG have for a longer period of time released Smart TV’s that have built in apps, customized user interface ( depending on the TV brand) and numerous functions that makes then different like screen mirroring , phone sync, dual screen, web search, magic motion and a lot more.


Smart TV’s generally can do a lot of things but the most advantage an Android TV has is that you can download new apps released in play store and can have similar user interface irrespective of the brand you use and also has a Google Assistant.



  • Amazon Fire TV Stick can also help you convert your TV to a smart one.


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Convert Any TV To A Smart TV With This Guide



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